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Upcoming Courses


Course 1 2019

11-13th January and 23-24th February Course completed 

This course will be held at

The Fold 

Course 2 2019    

3rd-5th May and 15-16th June 

Course 3 2019 

6-8th September and 26-7th October - a few places left 

Contact Mandi 

07950 453458

The course fee is £990

Deposit of £200.00 payable on enrolment,

 and two further payments of £395.00 

Meditation Teacher training in Worcester with Mandi Bishop

About Mandi Bishop:

I’ve asked myself the question many times, “what makes my meditation and coaching business successful?” The word that has always come to me is “authenticity” and I truly believe that it is almost impossible to run a business such as this without it. Teaching meditation comes from my heart because I am proof that it brings about amazing transformation and happiness. Many of you looking at teaching meditation as a career are likely to already be on your own journey, meditating regularly and looking for a career that you love and believe in.

Equally however, I am proof that teaching meditation can be a great business to be in and bizarrely, gives me a huge buzz and satisfaction without the corporate targets and tick boxing. So, for your business, you will be looking for professional training, that is externally accredited, from Trainers who have the experience and background to guide you towards an amazing but authentic career. I am very confident that I can not only help you do that but will enjoy supporting you along that journey.

In terms of my own journey, when I set out exploring meditation, I had been a Probation Officer for some years and I was the example of the “burnt out” woman trying to do it all – my work/life/balance was certainly not balanced! I started to experiment with bringing in what we called “relaxation exercises” into our programmes in the community and in prisons and this exploration for the criminal justice system also resulted in a lot of self exploration for myself. There were extremely positive results in terms of responses to anger and stress, thus impacting on re-offending for our service users but what I did not expect was the personal impact on me, my life and my career path.

I considered the facilitation and coaching skills I had developed over the years and how I might transfer those to something that would fit so much more positively with having a balanced, authentic, meaningful life. So I left the Probation Service! trained as a Coach and started working with my own clients on their own work/life/balance. I used to talk to my clients all the time about my own mediation practice and how it helped me so in 2012 I signed up with the British School of Meditation to become a teacher. This by far, exceeded any training I have ever done before in terms of the personal and professional transformation that resulted from it. The minute I walked through the door, I knew I was going to get professional training, not only to support me with delivering meditation sessions but the help around turning that into a business was a really important element. One of the most interesting and powerful sessions for me was learning and understanding the scientific evidence that supports the benefits of meditation – I cannot tell you how invaluable that learning and knowledge has been for my clients over the years.

Being a credible, professional recognised Meditation Teacher means your business can be very versatile indeed! For instance, I also run retreats and well-being days for individuals and organisations and there is no reason why you couldn’t do the same. So in summary, if you are at that crossroads and have already seen the benefits of meditation for yourself and are looking for professional training that really helps you turn that passion and belief into a business, please do get in touch because you will never regret turning that into an authentic business.


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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.